show me the stars

We are all stories in the end.

That’s all part of my happiness. It makes me happier than hugging or kissing or anything else lovers do, Rikka, I’ll only have eyes for you. 

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the only mystery worth
                                   s o l v i n g


"Goood morning, control freak."

He looked like your dashing young gentleman friend, your lover even.
If The Doctor is still The Doctor,                                        he will have my b a c k. 

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Welcome New Whouffaldi Shippers!


Oh my God I was not expecting these many new shippers! It’s awesome! Welcome to our crazy ship, we have souffles and attack eyebrows. I’m here if any of you want some fanfic, I have plenty you can read, I write heartbreaking Whouffaldi one-shots if you ever want to read them. You guys are all awesome and so now let’s dance to the sound of our ship sailing.


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